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I just had to give a review on my experience with your product. I had reoccurring BV infections, my doctor prescribed antibiotics.  It would clear up but come right back. So I did my own research when I came across VHessentials and since the doctor prescribed meds weren't working I decided to try it. I noticed the difference on the first day, I felt fresher and healthier and I’ve been using it everyday since. I'm definitely a satisfied customer. My doctor has since suggested that I continue to use the probiotic capsules and I was wondering if your products had any coupons? Just wanted to share my experience keep up the good work

- Shenecia


I suffered from constant recurrent BV for more than 18 years. I became so self conscious about the offensive odor that I was afraid to talk to my doctor or explain to my husband. In my case, BV flares up post-sex for 48 miserable hours. I began to avoid having sex with my husband because of the ordeal I would have to face for the next two days. I stopped going to the gym during my 48 hour flare up because I was afraid other people would be offended at my using the same machines they had to use. Life was just hell, living with such an embarrassing secret. I became overly self-conscious and my esteem took a big hit because I felt there was something I was doing or not doing, to cause the BV. My doctors would do nothing other than prescribe one antiobiotic rx after another. A long-term regimen of antibiotics simply creates another problem (yeast infections). Frustrated, angry, and determined to find some relief, I research homeopathic remedies and came across vH essentials BV Capsules, a brand I had never heard of. Desperate yet skeptical (because if the rx's didn't work why would this product), I purchased my first bottle. My life has NEVER been better. My confidence has been restored. Within the first week the symptoms diminished by about 70%. I could NOT believe it and convinced myself it would be just like the rx's, a short-term solution. I am approaching my 4th month of a daily regimen of one supplement a day and my symptoms have cleared up between 80-100%, post-sex. I wish there was a way to describe the embarrassment and shame I lived with all these years until I found vH essentials. One major benefit to me personally is that I emailed the company with additional questions and a real person actually responded back. How cool is that?? I asked at least 4-5 questions and she patiently empathized with my desire to minimize my BV symptoms and each time she responded and even offered suggestions. Ladies, you do not have to continue to live in shame and withdrawal because BV is trying to dictate your life. As for me, vH essentials manages my BV better than years of being off and on antibiotics. I will be a lifelong vH essentials BV Capsule customer.

- Ashley

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