vH EssentialsFreedom
from the Funk of Vaginal Odor

Let's be honest. Vaginal health issues stink—in more ways than one. But now, with the body-boosting ingredients of vH essentials, it's finally time to break free of the funk. For good.

Our Body-Boosting System

Feeling funky? pH balance off…yet again? Quit the disappointing brands that offer “quick-fix” solutions to vaginal odor and get vH essentials, the only 3-step system of funk-defying formulas for complete—and lasting—feminine health.

Relieve your funk

When something fishy’s going on down there, get fast-acting relief with vH essentials Vaginal Odor Treatment.

reset your balance

Manage the source of the funk with products that reset and support your body’s balanced pH and healthy vaginal flora.  

regain your freedom

Maintain a funk-free future with probiotic and prebiotic supplements that bolster vaginal health and protect against imbalance.

Ditch the

Truth: There’s a stigma around the feminine funk. But vaginal odor is nothing to be ashamed of. It's often just due to imbalance—and it impacts a lot of women for a lot of different reasons.

Find out Why