OptiBalance Probiotic Maintenance

Maintenance Pack for Healthy Vaginal Flora

vH essentials OptiBalance Probiotics

Don’t let stress, diet, sex, feminine hygiene products, medication, or even your period upset the healthy balance of vaginal flora the OptiBalance Starter Pack helped you jumpstart! Now, sustaining that healthy balance is easier than ever with vH essentials OptiBalance Maintenance Pack. With only 10 capsules per month, this unique probiotic formula is clinically shown to help you maintain your body’s balance and healthy defenses,✦† helping you enjoy a funk-free future.  

Maintain balance with only 10 capsules per month†✦
With OptiBalance, sustaining a healthy balance is easier than ever. Only OptiBalance’s unique formula is clinically shown to maintain healthy defenses with only 10 capsules per month.†✦

OptiBalance’s advanced probiotic ingredients help maintain vaginal balance, normalize pH and help lessen the most common vaginal complaints when used as directed.†✦

Enriched with a clinically studied prebiotic
In addition to its probiotic ingredients, OptiBalance contains Lactoferrin RCX™, a prebiotic glycoprotein that helps promote a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune system.†

  • Maintains healthy balance of good bacteria & yeast✦†
  • Supports a healthy pH✦†
  • Helps sustain a natural protective barrier✦†

Directions for use

To maintain a healthy, balanced vaginal flora, take 1 capsule, preferably between meals, for 10 consecutive days each month.



Respecta® complex
L. acidophilus GLA-14 (LMG S29159)
L. rhamnosus HN001 (ATCC SD5675)
5 Billion CFUs*

Lactoferrin RCX™ 50 mg **
(prebiotic glycoprotein)

*Minimum 5 billion viable cells, if stored under recommended storage conditions and used by the BEST USED BY date.
**Daily value not established.


  • Hypromellose
  • Maize starch
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Titanium dioxide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OptiBalance?

OptiBalance is a probiotic dietary supplement clinically shown to support vaginal balance and healthy vaginal pH, and help reduce the frequency of common vaginal complaints when used as directed.

OptiBalance’s unique formula features two patented probiotic strains, L. acidophilus GLA-14 and L. rhamnosus HN001, combined with a proprietary prebiotic, Lactoferrin RCX™. Together these ingredients help balance the vaginal flora and promote a protective probiotic barrier.

Which OptiBalance product is right for me, the Starter Pack or the Maintenance Pack?

Use the Starter Pack if…

  • You are using OptiBalance for the first time
  • You’ve experienced recent complaints that suggest vaginal imbalance
  • You’re experiencing vaginal odor

Use the Maintenance Pack if…

  • You’ve already completed the OptiBalance Starter Pack
  • You’re wishing to maintain vaginal balance
  • You want to prevent vaginal odor
Why are there different numbers of capsules in the OptiBalance Starter Pack compared to the Maintenance Pack?

Studies have shown that taking only twenty OptiBalance capsules helped women regain balance in just 15 days—that’s all that’s needed the first month of using OptiBalance! To jumpstart a healthy vaginal flora, OptiBalance Starter Pack provides you with 20 capsules to be taken as follows: 2 capsules per day (between meals) for 5 days, followed by 1 capsule per day (between meals) for 10 consecutive days.

These same studies show that after the first month of use, women needed only 10 capsules per month to maintain balance! This sets OptiBalance apart from other probiotics that require daily use to support vaginal balance. To maintain healthy vaginal flora, OptiBalance Maintenance Pack provides you with 10 capsules with instructions to take 1 capsule per day (between meals) for 10 consecutive days.

What time of day should I take OptiBalance?

Although the time of day does not matter, it is recommended you take OptiBalance between meals, instead of taking with food.

Does it matter which days of the month I take the product?

Although you can start OptiBalance at any time during the month, for maximum benefit it is recommended you start the week before your period and continue taking during your period. If the timing doesn’t work this way every month, that’s OK, start whenever you can—just continue for 10 consecutive days (Maintenance Pack), or 15 days in a row (Starter Pack), for the month.

For the first 5 days of the Starter Pack, should I take both capsules at the same time?

Yes, for the first five days of the Starter Pack when you’re instructed to take 2 capsules daily, it’s recommended you take them at the same time in between meals (not with food).

Do I swallow the capsules or insert them vaginally?

OptiBalance is a dietary supplement that offers a probiotic boost to your body’s healthy bacteria. It is to be taken orally in the form of an easy-to-swallow capsule.

✦Results demonstrated in clinical studies using the probiotic/prebiotic formula in this product.
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.