vaginal odor 101It’s Time to
Demystify the Feminine Funk

The Reasons

More women than you think experience the funk of vaginal odor, and for many, it keeps coming back despite good hygiene. Why? Often, because normal things—like menstruation, sex, antibiotics, contraceptives, smoking, stress, menopause, or diet, just to name a few!—can upset the delicate balance your body needs for vaginal health.

The Root

We might try sprays, gels, washes, perfumed soaps—all kinds of quick fixes to cover up the symptoms—but all too often, masking the odor just makes it worse and more persistent. To break free of the funk, we have to target its source, which is often an imbalance of our body’s vaginal flora.

The Remedy

The real, long-lasting solution to vaginal odor is to restore and maintain your body’s delicate balance. Sometimes your body can do this on its own, but when it needs a little help, only the 3-step system of vH essentials can give your body the boost it needs to both treat the problem of vaginal odor and maintain a funk-free future of complete feminine health.

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